Recover Deleted Photos from Android Internal Storage:

Occasionally, we may remove photographs. but as you know, there is no “recently deleted” folder on the Android gallery. Similarly, you cannot find any trash bin on your Android, which brings us a question that, ‘are unintentionally deleted images on Android smartphones unrecoverable?’

Well, certainly not! On the contrary, recovering lost images from the Gallery or any other place on your smartphone is simple. However, you will require the assistance of another picture recovery app on Android.

Helpful Tips Before Attempting to Restore Android Deleted Pictures:

Before we begin, there are 2 points to keep in mind:

  • To begin, don’t use your smartphone until you recover the lost images. Do not take new photos, as well as, refrain from downloading new photos, or sending or receiving incoming messages on your Android smartphone.
  • Second, utilize a strong Android picture recovery program to quickly retrieve the lost photographs; Android image recovery requires a computer.

Underlying principles of Android Image Restoring:

You can restore deleted images on Android since they are not fully erased. Even though the removed photographs have vanished from the Gallery, they remain in the device’s memory space. However, the deleted photographs exist in the system memory but are tagged as “unused” and may be replaced by fresh data at any time. The erased photographs will be lost forever if fresh data is stored in their original location.

That is why you must refrain from using the phone until you have recovered. A new app may be installed, images taken, and messages sent, all of which could replace the deleted ones. Therefore, disable Wi-Fi as well as mobile data on your phone and set it away. Download FonePaw Mobile Data Recovery for free, connect your smartphone to your computer and let the application do its work.

Some users choose an Android picture recovery app to recover lost files on a Phone without a pc, but that’s risky because the app may overwrite the deleted data.

Recover Deleted Photos from Android Internal Storage in 4 Easy Steps:

FonePaw is a desktop program that can restore lost and outdated images from Android smartphones easily. It supports pictures in the following formats:.jpg,.png,.gif,.bmp,.webp,.tiff, and more. It’s also completely supported with most Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy, LG, and others.

On a Windows PC and Mac, download the application for free.

Step 1: Connect your Android device to your computer:

Connect your Smartphone to your computer and start FonePaw.  You need to enable USB debugging on an Android smartphone to allow the app to connect to the phone. Also, ensure your Android smartphone doesn’t turn off while you’re recovering your data.

STEP 2: Select to Find Deleted Photos:

It’s possible to pick the types of removed files from the interface below if your Android smartphone is connected. To recover lost images from your Android gallery, pick “Gallery” and then click “Next.”

STEP 3: Allow the FonePaw Photo Recovery Software to Scan Removed Photos:

The application requires authorization to retrieve deleted data, therefore it installs an application on the phone that will be uninstalled after picture recovery. Set up FonePaw by connecting your smartphone to a computer through USB.

On your smartphone, let the FonePaw program use your data when it asks. Without your approval, the pictures recovery tool will not be capable to reach your smartphone storage. So, let the program alone discover the deleted images in your smartphone. It is also very secure to enable permission to the FonePaw application since it will not gather anything of your personal information and will handle and store your phone data securely on your pc.

Then click Scan Authorized Data to start looking for deleted photographs.

STEP 4: View Deleted Photos on Android and Recover Them:

Scanning might take a little time, particularly if you have a lot of images on the phone. Once the progress meter reaches 100%, the scanning is complete.

The FonePaw application can discover deleted photos in two different modes: Standard Check and Deep Check.

After Standard Scanning, select “Gallery” or “Picture Library” to see whether the removed images are there. If not, choose Deep Scan to find additional deleted photographs from the phone (Root needed).

Additionally, the registered form allows you to see deleted photographs in their entirety by double-clicking on those. Select the photos you wish to restore then click “Recover” to save those to your computer.


Following these short and simple tips, you can recover deleted photos from android internal storage. Just check those and apply on your smartphone. We hope, this article helped you in recovering deleted photos from android internal storage. 

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