How to Make Android Look Like an iPhone

The gap between the price of a regular Android smartphone and an iPhone is so huge that you can buy multiple Android smartphones instead of an iPhone. That is why there are many who settle with an Android smartphone even though their heart stays with an iPhone. However, you can still fulfill your dream by turning your Android smartphone to look like an iPhone at least graphically.

Yes, it is possible to make your Android smartphone’s interface look exactly like an iPhone’s interface, and you will feel like using an iPhone rather than an Android smartphone. Go through the article completely to find out how.

Set iPhone Launcher 

The first step to make your Android smartphone look like an iPhone is to change the default Android launcher to the default iPhone 13 launcher. Basically, a launcher is the backbone whose responsibility is to show the required graphics on the home screen, show appropriate responses through graphics and animations based on your activity.

Therefore, go to Play Store and install iPhone 13 Launcher. Once the installation is done, your default Android launcher will change to the one you see on iPhone 13. Here are the changes you can notice.

  • A swipe-down smart search option.
  • A screen lock display is just like iPhone.
  • Beautiful wallpapers like you get on iPhone.
  • Smart toggles and iPhone control center.
  • iPhone widgets and icons for apps.

Set iPhone Lock Screen 

Even before the launcher, you will notice your lock screen first, and it has to look like an iPhone. Therefore, you have to install an iPhone lock screen separately. Sometimes, the launcher comes with an iPhone lock screen display, but we recommend you install a separate app only for the lock screen. We recommend you install iNotify – iOS Lock Screen and Notification from Play Store.

Not only the lock screen will look like iPhone 13, but the notifications will also look the same. You can also set a passcode, and the home screen will look similar to that of iPhone. Your gestures to notifications will show graphics and responses same as iPhone.

Set iPhone Apps 

There are certain iPhone apps available that you can install on your Android phone and get a feeling of using an iPhone. All these apps belong to N-H Studio and while installing from Play Store, you should get it right. All these apps are safe and they have outstanding reviews and ratings from users. 


The look and feel of the Calculator app on iPhone are different from that of Android smartphones. To get the same look and feel on your Android smartphone, you should go to Play Store and install iCalcula which looks exactly like iOS 15 default calculator.


iPhone users use iCalendar quite regularly not only to check the calendar but also to schedule work. You can get a similar type of Calendar app on your Android smartphone by visiting Play Store and downloading iCalendar app. The user interface of the app looks exactly like iCalendar, and you can sep events and change language and interface color.


There are times when we need to take note of something, and instead of pen and paper, we use the default Note app to write things down immediately. Instead of using the default Android Note app, you can install iNote which looks exactly like iNote app on iOS. The app is extremely useful with features like a to-do list, prioritizing works, sorting notes based on different parameters. 


Just like iCalendar and iNote, iPhone users regularly use iVoice which is where it is easy to store voice memos and notes. You can record your voice with proper instructions to review later. The recorded files can be shared with teammates, and you can record with it even when the screen is off.

Furthermore, if you are not satisfied with the Control Center of the launcher, you can install a separate app called Control Center iOS 15 from Play Store to make your Android screen look exactly like iPhone where Control Center is extremely functional. Moreover, you can install iClock, iCall, iCamera, iContacts, iMusic, and eve iCamera.


To make an Android phone look like an iPhone, you just need to install a few apps to change the lock screen, the home screen, and certain common apps that you find exclusively on iPhone. Besides, you can consider getting a phone cover like an iPhone so that people think that you are actually using an iPhone.

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