How to Change the Time Zone on Your Android Phone

The majority of us rely on our smartphones to measure time. Whether you’re setting an alarm or perhaps a timer, or simply checking the hour, smartphones have become the one-way solution.

So it’s much more frustrating when the Android device’s timing is off. If the smartphone is displaying an erroneous time, we have presented a few techniques for resetting the time zone on the Android phone.

How to properly adjust the time on an android phone:

By default, the android phone uses cellular/Wi-Fi connectivity to determine the current time. This normally works great, however, it may sometimes fail for various reasons.

If this occurs, it is simple to disable the automated time tracking and manually adjust the time.

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom and hit System.
  • Select Date and Time.
  • To stop the automated time setting, click the toggle beside Set time automatically.
  • Time should be set to the right time.
  • Select OK.

How to resolve the issue with the phone’s automatic time detecting:

While physically adjusting the time is the ideal option for some, once Daylight Savings Hour arrives, you’ll have to see a clock to change. Automatic timing is simply more convenient. If you’d want to maintain that convenience, here’s an easy workaround worth attempting.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom and hit System.
  • Select Date and time. 

To deactivate the auto time setting, select the toggle beside Set time automatically.

To re-enable the toggle, tap it once more.

Are you familiar with the joke about restarting your computer to resolve all of the issues? That is, in essence, what we are doing here. While the Android phone’s automated time recognition is typically accurate, changing it in this manner may suffice.

How to change the time zone on your android:

If you travel often, this may also affect the Android phone’s time. Changing time zones on the phone is very simple, like changing time.  

  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom and hit System.
  • Select Date and time. 
  • Select the toggle beside the set time zone automatically.
  • Choose the time zone that is most convenient for you.

While the set time zone automatically is enabled by default, it means that the smartphone should automatically transition between different time zones without anyone having to do anything. If it does not work for any reason, the previous techniques are a simple and effective approach to straighten things up on your own.

Additionally, if you prefer not to physically switch your time zone whenever you visit a different one, you may disable and re-enable that option to reconfigure its automatic recognition.


While watches have grown to become intelligent, one of the primary functions of Android smartphones is always to serve as a timekeeper. There is no doubt in our minds that even if you own the finest Android wristwatch, you will still check the smartphone to check its clock several times every day.

So, to remain on top of everything and keep up with your routine, ensure your phone’s clock is set correctly. Therefore, consider following these previously mentioned steps to set up the correct time on your android phone.

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